Week of August 23rd-29th + Pisces Full Moon + Living with both Mental Illness and Psychic Abilities

Hey Witches! It’s Virgo Season! After all the work we’ve been doing collectively during all the retrogrades and eclipses, it’s finally time to take the steps toward bringing those inspirations Earth-side. Everything that’s been removed, revealed, or renewed during Leo season is now ready to be analyzed, implemented, and activated. This is further reinforced by Saturn, Venus, and Uranus making a perfect trine on the 25th. This is the generation of spiritual entrepreneurship, of creating jobs that align with our values, instead of submitting to the banal dreams of someone else. If you’ve had an idea or inspiration to integrate your passions, your spirituality, and your desire to have a lush bank balance, then this is the day to work some magic within those themes. Because of the trine between tech loving, boundary-pushing Uranus and structure and routine-loving Saturn, you might want to take that Tinder date on Saturday night. Venus will give the boost. 

On Sunday the 26th, we will end the month with the Full Moon in Pisces. The energy of a Full Moon is always akin to the phrase “two sides of the same coin.” If you didn’t know already, a full moon is always in the sign opposite of the sun—so this Pisces full moon is in Virgo season, and Pisces and Virgo are opposites, or, as I like to call them, Sister Signs. I like Sister Signs better because I don’t believe any part of our cyclical existent is opposing. I believe that balance does not mean something has to be negated.You are allowed to believe two things at the same time, and they do not necessarily have to oppose one another. 

Story time. My boyfriend Ryan and I were sitting at Moe’s & Joe’s waiting for food while I told him about starting to dissociate during a meeting during my second day at my new job. We exchanged stories and discussed our overlapping feelings about our anxiety and depression, and how they manifest in our lives. Earlier that day, I had approached him with the idea that perhaps his altered perception of the world due to Borderline Personality Disorder was psychologist’s label for a type of psychic ability or of Sensitivity that hadn’t been given value yet. We ended up  passionately debating the concept of channeling. He sighs, and refutes that his insights are in any way channeled, from another Source, or that he is receiving them. “They’re just a part of what I learned to survive. And I’ve just taught myself how to express myself well, so people can understand me.”

Ryan is quite the linear thinker, and having a partner refuse to be an echo chamber for your beliefs always challenges me to be clear on my spiritual beliefs. So, let’s just say that someone’s sensitivities to others and their ability to succinctly verbalize their perceptions of the world is a gift that’s a result of the expanded brain, due to having to have other options available to you. The forced cognitive dissonance you had to maintain in order to be a part of the world. “At home, you know one way of life, but at school, you were being told that there were other types of mothers, fathers, and families,” I explained to Ryan. “That, in turn, created the space in your brain to allow you to receive different perceptions of the world. Who is to say that makes you broken? And what if someone acknowledged Highly Sensitive People or psychic abilities as normal and valid, what tools would you have been given to deal with, cultivate, strengthen, and control those gifts? If all manner of perceptions are different wavelengths/frequencies and our brain’s interpretation of them, then why not your sensitivities be as valid as any other intuitive gifts?” 

“I get that there are different waves that affect people in different ways with different states of mind,” he concedes, “but I’m not sold on the idea that I’m a vessel of any sort. It takes away my agency. It’s not anyone talking through me! I don’t believe in that. It’s all in my head—it’s not a line connecting two dots in space. It’s just one dot.” 

Immediately, I look to the tattoo on his chest, an infinity symbol, and I put my finger on it. “You’re right. It’s not a line—it’s this symbol. If you look at this from the side, all you see is a dot. but when you face it, it’s eternity. It’s your Higher Self. You are the source of your insights because you are Source.” I press my palm to his chest over the symbol. “This is the symbol above the Magician’s head. This is the meaning of As Above, So Below; as within, so without; as the body, so the soul! When you tell me you are most happy when you’re speaking and it’s all coming out clearly and you’re passionate about what you’re saying and you feel it’s effortless—that’s channeling! You’re tuning into the frequency that is yours without the burdens of a human body and experiences.” 

Anytime you are living in a state of bliss, you are in alignment with your Highest Self—the Universe, God/dess, or Source, and that is how you can become a clear channel. So you’re never not in control. You’re never “just receiving.” You are making an action to listen, open up, receive information and then convey it in word, writing, music, art, or other communicative mediums. Scientists can measure many varieties of frequencies as waves. We can only see some colors, but they are waves/frequencies just like gamma waves, micro waves, x rays, and brain waves. The lack of being able to utilize microwaves through your physical meat suit doesn’t mean that they are not real. We do not always need an immediate psychical affect on our bodies to assure us that something is real. However, science is getting better at measuring what was once considered pseudoscience. They now have proven that a person’s heartbeat will slow down when you send them positive and loving thoughts, and will speed up when you think bad thoughts toward them. You can literally send someone positive vibes and science can fucking  measure this shit now. 

So who is to say that people with trauma and mental illness cannot also be experiencing psychic phenomenon? Who is to say one day scientists won’t be able to measure more brainwaves than they have already? We can measure dreams, why not empaths, channeling, mediumship, or energy reading? What would our world look like if we worked with children to heal their trauma on multiple levels? If we respected modern medicine along with metaphysical healing modalities? If open-mindedness is a prerequisite to brainwashing, then why not other forms of psychic attack or side effects of a psychic nature? And why does it all have to be so taboo? So “woo-woo” and weird and “imaginary”? Why can psychic abilities be normalized? 

For me, it looks like practicing channeling, seeing a “muggle” trauma therapist, and taking an antidepressant to keep it all manageable—not a popular thing in the spiritual community. It involves keeping an open mind about being mentally ill—is it a nervous breakdown, or is it a spiritual awakening? Pisces, the dreamer and the spiritualist, asks us to keep the flow of the physical and spiritual; the psychical and the metaphysical; to hold both science and spirituality in the same respect; to honor the idea that one person may say that I have panic attacks and need to take this pill, another may say I’m picking up too much energy around me, and need to create energy asks us, “Why not both?” Challenge yourself this week to really dive deep into the stories you’ve told yourself about your truths, your belief systems, and your mental health story. Are there more ways to heal than you’re allowing yourself to experience? Are you able to hold the concepts of your Divinity and your ability to be a voice for Divine? Can you know that that voice is you, too? Rememeber—the sun and the moon share the same light, even if they are expressed in different realms, different ways, and different times. Shine your light, but be sure to look in the mirror.

Arianna Page