Week of August 9th-16th + Uranus Retrograde and Queer Erasure

August 9th-16th, 2018

Okay, so we’re in that part of the Eclipse and Retrograde season where you feel like the pressure is reaching its peak and you probably can’t stand anymore. Whether this feels like a sexual climax or birthing labor, the contractions are coming closer and closer together. They are reaching a crescendo. The Lion’s Gate opens on the 8th, ushering in the Dark Moon, and on Saturday the 11th, the Moon eclipses the Sun in Leo, and then the expansion, release, and relief can begin. 

I’ve been getting the message from the collective mumbling on the Interwebs that we are all feeling on the cusp of “something.” Ideas have been flowing up from the wellspring of our Heart-centered souls, although implementing them hasn’t been flowing quite as smoothly. In some Tarot decks, the card of Strength, ruled by Leo, is called Lust. A deep desire that fills our most creative vibrating organs and drives us to create in the most primal sense—full-bodied, full-hearted. With Mars retrograding in Aquarius, we’ve been forced to slow down, step back, and find the balance between being true to ourselves and serving the collective. With Mars moving into Capricorn before going direct on the 19th, we have another chance to embrace the energy of honing in on that structure that will help us birth our creative passions into reality. One of my favorite concepts is that of “the structure of freedom”—that is, the habits we form that help us align with out goals and dreams, manifest the ideas into realities, and allow us the brain-space to allow more into our lives with the freedom that comes from not having to think about every little thing. 

The Solar Eclipse in Leo is a reminder that our Egos—here used in the Jungian way—can be healthy and a valuable part of our experience as humans, as long as we periodically reflect and check them. Our subconscious is represented by the Moon in the Tarot. We must grow through the Moon to find our way out into the Sun. We must face our Shadow, in order to acknowledge the Light. Shadow is something which we will definitely go into depth soon, since it’s such a popularized word in the Spiritual community right now, but a quick example is that of the concept of judgement. What judgements do you pass on yourself or others because you are afraid of your own Light? Are you afraid that you will say the wrong thing, or have nothing important to say at all? How long have you been staying small, shrinking yourself, and why? That is the Shadow. The why behind what you are doing or not doing. Do you have trauma around being silenced when you sought to express yourself? Does that make you want to attack others when they are “showing off” or being “too much”? Where do those ideas come from? Check yourself like the moon checks the sun. Go in deep. Look your fears in the face and say, “I see you. I understand why you’re here. You’re trying to protect my Ego from being hurt again. I forgive you, and I love you. But I am going to tell you that you are no longer my truth, and I am going to speak up, show up, stand out now. Thank you for your help in the past, but I am stronger now.”

Uranus Retrograde & Queer Reflections

Uranus is known as the “queer planet.” I adore this concept, because, as all good nerdy 90s kids, I love Sailor Moon, so obviously I can’t help but think of Sailor Uranus, the super cool and sexy queer powerhouse of the Outer Scouts. Earlier today, I found an article on Broadly written by a queer girl questioning the problematic themes of platonic friendship between women as popularized in the media. She even addressed issues around the language of straight couples calling their significant others their “partner” and girl friends calling each other “girlfriend.” She remarks that this made for a trepidatious if not hostile environment for queer women who can be hurt, misread, or confused when these terms are thrown around. Basically, “Can’t we have something that’s just ours?” When I call my boyfriend my boyfriend, I’m signaling that I’m in a heteronormative relationship, being a cis female with a cis male. To say partner implies something else. Girlfriend vs girl friend is also deceptive, and can exclude queer women from the truth of their identity and can belittle the intimacy that is between them and their partner. 

Sailor Uranus’ main move is called “World Shaking” and the lightning-charged astro-blast does some intense damage. But the idea of having your world “shook” or turned upside down (Uranus spins on its side!) is where the idea comes in that Uranus is about looking at things from a different angle. Being a little off-center. And with that change of perspective, new understandings, beliefs, ideas, and connections come to the surface and cultivate change. The change may not be for the individual, but will definitely have an effect on the collective. This article, to me, fully embodies the continued challenging of the status quo, and calls us to look at things from multiple perspectives—the true embodiment of Uranus in retrograde. Step back and listen to what your queer friends are saying or not saying. How do you marginalize or render invisible other people’s stories with your language. Is inclusivity also sometimes erasure of experiences and identity? With Uranus retrograding in Taurus (and a little into Aries later on), we are challenged to reflect on what choices we’ve made to solidify rules in the early stages of our learning process. Remember that Taurus is the first, and therefore least evolved, of the Earth energies in the Zodiac. The lessons of Earth solidify in Capricorn, who sets the final boundaries; but in Taurus, we are just learning to stand our ground, to find and take up space, and connect to our physical presence for the first time. We’re given the next five months to see how far we’ve come, but also how far we have to go.

May the releases of the month spurn us all forward into forgiveness, grounded awareness, and ally ship. May we speak up, show up, and remain humble and open and willing to change, to be wrong, and to forgive ourselves and others while we all learn together how to do this right. The trauma is probably not your fault, but the healing is still your responsibly. As a community, we must remember that our healing is not linear; It is cyclical and these retrogrades and eclipses help us pause, go back, return, and reflect before moving forward. Holistic healing comes when we acknowledge the wound, the cause, the ancestral baggage, the spiritual bypassing, and the external oppressions too. Keep working, witches.