Yoga & Vibing Higher (Jan 2018)

After reading The Universe Has Your Back and currently reading Rise Sister Rise, coupled with some intense yoga-ing, I've had a lot of insight as to why this type of spirituality isn't something that just happens to go together, but actually kind of has to go together. While I thought this was more of a personal decision to honor my body as a way of honoring Goddess, it turns out this is just the way it's supposed to go. To quote Rebecca Campbell in RSR, 

"In this life, changing at soul level is pointless if you don't give your physical body time to embody the transformation. To hold the shift at cellular level as well as emotional, mental, and soul level...If you don't allow the time and space to incorporate the change, the higher frequency can't be held in the body. The rise in consciousness is stuck in thought."

You know when we meditate, our bodies and brains vibrate at a frequency different than that of our waking brains, stressed brains, and sleeping brains. The major part of yoga is not just about physical fitness or flexibility, although those happen to be dope benefits. Yoga is a form of meditation, and to truly preform it correctly requires meditative breaths and movements. You are so focused on your breath and matching it with your body, you are forced to be Mindful within the confines of your mat. Coupled with murdras, chanting, and other special breathing techniques, the spiritual side of yoga cannot be ignored if one truly wants to be a student of yoga. 

Since this practice can be seen being depicted since ancient times among all peoples across the globe, it's safe to say that yoga has had an important resonance with us Earthlings. I would venture to say that its meditative and trance states, especially Kundalini Yoga, allow one to connect to the Universe, and reach spiritual Enlightenment, just as the Buddha taught. 

This is my encouragement for all of us to treat our soul vehicles with more respect and love, however that may be, and to express the importance of yoga in my life, and to keep at it, as a spiritual journey, and not just one for slimming my thighs.