Mabon and Sacred Sisterhood (September 2017)

So Mabon, or the Autumnal Equinox is the day when the time between day and night are perfectly even. After this, the nights will overpower the days and become longer until Yule, the Winter Solstice. It's also the start of Libra season. 

Each astrological sign brings with it a lesson. We have all the signs in our charts, after all, so learning them helps us as humans to grow in our awareness of our Wholeness with the Universe, the Goddess. Libra asks us for balance, and that includes tuning in to our bodies when all we really want to do is make the visions in our heads a reality--Libra is an air sign, so it resonates with the mind. Sometimes it can be hard to stop, breathe, and really feel our bodies and their needs when we think things "should" be a certain way. I feel like it takes a lot of practice to tune into. It's not a natural way of thinking for me at all. But as the night grows longer, we are reminded of the Night of the Soul, represented by the Moon card in the Tarot, and by stories of our Goddess in her different personas/aspects where she goes into some sort of "hell" or "belly of the whale." My favorites are of Inanna and Persphone. 

Both goddesses go to the Underworld to gain knowledge and freedoms, and "rise" again (after Yule) with new life and powers. That concept is reflected in nature with the seasons. As Above, So Below.

Something I admire about these two myths in particular are the concepts of the female bond. When Persephone is kidnapped, her mother, Demeter, another main Goddess aspect, mourns and casts the world into a never ending winter, until the other deities beg Hades to return Persephone to Earth. He tricks her into eating six pomegranate seeds, (a symbol of the Goddess you can find in Tarot cards), so that for six months, she must return to him and rule the Underworld. Inanna, Queen of Heaven, travels to the Underworld to meet her sister, Queen of the Underworld, and through each Gate she passes, she is stripped of her clothes, accessories, and symbols of power and magic. She is brought to her lowest point before she is released, more powerful than ever.. 

These archetypes of the Goddess choose their female loved ones to give up everything for. The bond between women is as sacred as blood sisterhood. The symbology of the young, naive female parts of us having to be rescued by the older, maternal sides of us are struggles women have to go through time and time again--in a literal sense, and in a metaphorical sense, as small as having a cyclical period or coming of age. While all humans (ie: males) also have dark periods of life and have to struggle with growing up in their own way--their way is more tied to the constraints of society, while ours as women are tied to Nature and her cycles. We celebrate the Wheel of the Year because it is a celebration of Life, Nature, Goddess, the Feminine. Women stand for what is real and unalterable by the influences of laws, politics, governments, all things man-made. Like roots of trees or sprouts of weeds pushing through the concrete to crumble and destroy it--women and nature will press through these temporary and flawed parts of our world. We will be the ones who stand the test of time when all else has passed. The energy of the Universe is Female, the Future is Female, and She is never ending.

Arianna Page