Week of November 25th - December 1st

Hi Witches!

Sorry for the delay. As I’ve mentioned on my IG, I’m going through a lot of big changes, and have not been able to do any of my extra fun things.

Diving right in, I hope you’re all enjoying Sag season, and had a lovely Full Moon in Gemini.

The moon leaves Gemini today, and settles into her comfy spot of Cancer.

Tomorrow, Monday the 26th, we have the waning moon in Cancer, so expect to feel kinda blah and like staying in, especially if you were in an extroverted state over the weekend. The Sun is conjunct with Mercury (still in retrograde). You may feel like going over details of things you’ve been planning out loud or making a lot of lists to deal with your anxiety. You may feel a bit obsessive and judgmental of your past—especially dumb or embarrassing things you’ve said or done or even irresponsible moves. You might be running convos from job interviews, boss, or a conversation you had with an older male figure running in your head over and over, wishing you can redo it. Look, the past is in the past, and there’s literally nothing you can do about it except apologize if you’ve hurt someone, take a breath, and do better next time.

But the only way to “do better next time” is to really get honest with your reasons for the mistakes in the first place.

Learning from your mistakes takes courage to face the why of them. Why did you say that thing? Do that to that person? Spend all that money? Binge on all that food? Skip that job interview? Not do your homework? Flake on that social gathering? There’s probably something deeper you’re avoiding, and Monday’s gonna have you contemplating that. Grab some tea, some flower essences, candles, whatever, hit the bathtub or just a bowl of water for your feet, and journal it out. Hide out in the bathroom. No one will bother you if you’re pretending to take a long shower! ;)

Tuesday, the 27th, the Moon enters Leo, Mercury forms a semi-square with Pluto, and Mars is sextile to Saturn.

All of this makes all of Monday’s moody contemplations a lot louder and totally change tune! We’re gonna be way more optimistic, and feel a lot better about things. We will probably talk too much, too fast, and too loud. The words “megalomaniac” and “manic” come to mind when I think of today’s transitions. Remember that powerful people do not need to tell everyone that they are in charge—they lead with their inner strength and confidence. Mars sextile Saturn helps with this, and will reign us in with more deliberate and steady actions, taking time to acknowledge our wishes and hopes, but turning those wishes into goals that have steps and timelines to actual achieve what would otherwise be mere fantasies and pipe dreams. We’re seeing solutions to old problems, and are able to create healthy boundaries to move us forward into growth.

On Saturday, December 1st, Mercury reenters Scorpio, so everything you thought you dealt with concerning your Shadow self is back to give you another check up. Remain calm. Learning is cyclical. It builds upon itself. It’s not Universal punishment—is Universal refinement! A refresher course before turning you loose into Sagittarius when Mercury goes direct.

Use this week wisely, witches.

I hope to be writing to you from a new apartment next week!

And I also hope you’re going to sign up for my class on December 6th with ATL Craft!

I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned about Tarot and the Chakras. It’s designed for people who’re pretty well-versed in the Tarot, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner. And if you know nothing about chakras, worry not! My ex and another reader of the sample course told me that they were able to really understand and “get” chakras more easily when explained in this way, which was cool feedback, seeing as how that wasn’t the intention of what I was writing—but hey! Two birds, right? So, if you want to learn to read Tarot deeper, to understand the Chakra system, how to integrate the two, and how you can use that information to help your clients and yourself heal and grow spiritually, then this class is for you! Sign up in the events page.

See you next week, and take care of yourselves!


Arianna Page