Week of November 15th - 21st + Be Selfish & Take Up Space

Hi Witches

This week, we’ve got Venus finally going direct tomorrow the 16th, but Mercury Retrograde, too. Venus Retrograde shadow goes on until the 17th of December, so not all your work is over. You’re ascending, but you’ve got some healing to do. The hardest part of any hero’s journey is the Return home. You feel out of sorts. You’ve seen stuff. You’ve lost naivety. You’ve experienced so much more than what you took for granted before. You may feel empty, lonely, lost, exhausted, depressed, misunderstood, hollow. You may find it harder to slip back into the routine of the mundane. You may feel like you can never go back to the way it was before. You’re confident and strong now. You’ve explored your Shadow, embraced Her, and came back Earthside with new depth to your human experience. So while you may feel lonely, you have a new lease on life, so to speak, where you know you can survive anything. Facing the unknown isn’t as threatening as it once was, even as the regularities of life bring an anxiety of settling. You can’t settle any more. And you shouldn’t.

Some minor astrological aspects this week are making things really sticky this week.

Venus contra-parallel Uranus from November 16th-17th, which can really trigger us into needing S P A C E in our relationships. Are you feeling smothered, or unable to express yourself? Do your values line up? Have you been on a compromise kick, and are just fucking DONE with it today? Go with the flow. Remember boundaries are okay to have, and finding your own within the confines of someone else’s isn’t always the best way to find your own space.

Venus semi-square to Mercury on the 21st-22nd doesn’t help much. Not only is Mercury in Retrograde anyway, but the semi-square with Venus makes everything pretty unclear. Squabbles with your partner feel inevitable. It may see to be over something little, like household chores, but it probably goes much deeper than that—like is your time being valued, or are you being taken advantage of? Go slow. Breathe. Fight, but be kind and have empathy while stating your needs and boundaries—especially if they have changed!

Before diving into that, on the 17th, we also have the Moon entering Pisces and the Sun in opposition to the asteroid Juno. Our egos can help or harm those of use in long term relationships. Your comfort is coming to the forefront of your longterm relationships right now. Look, in relationships, the person engaged in the standard “feminine” role of submission is almost always required to sacrifice for the masculine energy in a relationship. We have a severe imbalance in the labors required for emotional work in relationships. It’s not all chores and then your day job. There’s the whole job of caring for your partner and their needs, too. At what point does your comfort matter just as much? Or more? Where do you draw the line? Are you willing to stay in a relationship that continuously dims you, requires you to smother your ego—a healthy ego!—and never gives you the room to make your own choices, decide your own path, be the heroine of your story? Are you always playing a supporting role? And, most importantly, are you going to continue to do so?

Journal about it. Talk it out. Write down everything you dream of for your life and sit with it. Write down everything you’re mad about in your relationship, and really REALLY look at where you’d like to be more selfish but aren’t. Allow yourself to be selfish, because you are the one who has to live your life. Only your time is being wasted or invested in. Invest in yourself. It’s totally okay to put yourself first sometimes. Or all the time. You get to decide.

The Full Moon in Gemini is on the 22nd, Thursday, and She’s so ready for whatever you want to manifest and release. Use these astrological energies to rage and fight and get really uncomfortable so you can finally take up the space you need, relax, spread out, and feel comfy yourself for once.

Your Witch Fam supports you. I support you.

See you next week,


Arianna Page