Week of November 8th-15th + Mars in Pisces, Spiritual Activism

Hi Witches!

If the switch from Summer to Autumn hasn’t had your bones feeling the shift in the universe, then maybe the amazing political victories have. Jupiter moving into its domicile sign of Sagittarius today is a major boost to everyone. Jupiter changes signs about every 13 months, so everyone gets a sweet year when Jupiter lights up their sign. I’ve also read that you’re more likely to meet your soul mate when Jupiter is in your sign. (It’s true for me!) So if you’re single or are ready for a change, Jupiter’s gonna bring the goods.

This week is a week of endings. We’re really shedding the skin, and ready to start rebuilding some shit. As Jupiter leaves Scorpio at the beginning of the week, so Mars ends its stay in Aquarius on the 15th.

The New Moon in Scorpio post-Halloween coupled with Jupiter transiting have created a new tone to the astro air, and added some cushin’ for the pushin’ as we end Venus Retrograde on the 16th, straight into that good ole Mercury Retrograde. Get your shit together this week! Make phone calls, update and upgrade, because for the next three weeks, Mercury Retrograde is not the most fortuitous time to be traveling, moving quickly, rushing things, buying new technology, etc. You all know the drill.

And while Christmas is free from the wonky vibes, Thanksgiving is rife with some philosophical and metaphorical debates at the family gathering table. Try not to start a food fight with your racist uncle, okay?

So this week is about prepping, cleaning up the mess from the past few months, budgeting, drafting, pausing. Jupiter is not just luck; it’s also expansion and religion and law. Jupiter is like the phrase, “Eyes bigger than your stomach.” Jupiter would be the sin of gluttony. Venus Retrograde these past 40 days has been a chance to stop flinching away from your bank account and spending habits, your love life, what you’ve been investing or not investing in. Jupiter will bring those goals to the forefront and exaggerate them, push them forward, expand them with joy and exuberance.

If you’ve been working hard at cutting out what no longer serves, bringing in what does, budgeting, and self-caring and resting—you’re in for some good times, my friend. If not, you might be in for feeling a little out of control, or like things are out of control. Things will probably work out, and having a positive attitude will make all the difference in this situation, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t have to show up for your fuck ups, and that you won’t have to clean up your mess while others may be soaring and growing in ways that you may envy. Don’t take it personally. Live and learn. You’ll bounce back. But only if you don’t remain a victim to higher powers, and take charge of your own life.

You can’t leave everything up to luck.

On November 9th, Venus forms a trine with Mars. The two energetic opposites are in tune! Mostly. Venus is still in retrograde, remember. So while it feels like you’re on the right path with pursuing your desires, discovering your values, and getting a hold on your finances, you may still see money dribbling away on little things, missing some sleep or vitamins, or you and your partner’s sexual energies not quite matching up the way you’d like them to. Just keep showing up for your romantic relationships, partnerships, and self care rituals. You don’t have to be perfect—you just have to start, you know?

Venus and Mercury form a semi-square on the 10th, so expect some mild communication issues. You may not have the best time getting what you really mean across. Keep your intentions pure, but remember that other people see your actions, not your intentions. Apologize and listen more than you speak.

With Mars moving into Pisces at the end of the week, expect for our focus to shift dramatically from activism to spiritual activism. Our Collective Mind will shift from our relationship with the Collective into what is that relationship to the Divine—and how can we be closer to that? We’re, understandably, worn out from all the political stress leading up to the midterm elections, Kavanaugh hearing, and shootings, and all the partying.

We are angry and impassioned. But we are also fucking tired! With the holiday season coming up, there are more parties, events, gatherings, obligations, pressures, commercials, ads, over stimuli. We Witches that are simultaneous trying to learn our craft, heal ourselves, our ancestors, and the Collective have so much more on our shoulders than our muggle earth members. We are sensitive and psychic and bleeding hearts and very in tune with every note sung—clear or sour. And even when our throats are sore, and lungs and diaphragm weary from the effort—still we must sing on.

Mars in Pisces is a different tune. A spiritual, dreamy, and gentle tune. Polite and introspective. Personal and artistic. These are where our activism, wild nature, Witchy-spiritual-healer archetype will begin to mirror. 2018 has been two wild animals backed into corners lashing out against their enemy—the right wing, racists, sexists, transphobic, nature-destroying, capitalist tiger vs inclusive, questioning, anarchist, vegan, queer, empathetic lion. Blue wave vs red wave has now become “the purple puddle.”

It’s a start. And it’s proof that our fighting is not in vain.

See you next week,


Arianna Page