Week of November 1st - 7th + Scorpio, Water, & Death + New Moon in Scorpio

Hello Witches!

This week starts off softer after all the tension leading up to Halloween and the Full Moon. In the midst of Scorpio season, I am reminded of our deep connectedness, the sacred Source energy that shows Its face in our world. We see Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, Scorpio, and the Death card, and Pluto all carrying the same message across time, space, and culture.

My best friend told me today that scientists were doing experiments on mice in a lab, and accidentally dropped a sealed container that contained poison into a tank of water. The container was sealed, so the experimenters didn’t worry about the water becoming toxic. However, despite no poison actually being in the water, the mice all died from poisoning. Water holds memory—it holds the energy of poison or prayer. If we are 75% water, if we breathe in water, drink water, bathe in water and that water is cycled over and over again through the earth’s hydraulic system, can we not understand how deep our connection is? Blood may be thicker than water, but your bloodline is not the only way you connect to your history, to your spirituality.

Oh, and did I mention that Scorpio—the sign of passion and death and regeneration —is a water sign? For all the passion of Fire signs, it is Scorpio that is the most feared and revered as the sign of pure intensity.

In the beginning, we were all water. We came from water. Water represents birth, the womb, the feminine, intuition, secrets, and life. Water is associated with emotions and the Moon. In mythologies across all cultures, there was once no separation between the Ocean and the Sky. There was only Water. Something always comes between them—a castration, a split, the word of a deity, a child stabbing between his Mother Earth and Father Sky. The splitting is the first split of a cell, the beginning of reproduction. A defining of masculine and feminine energies. With this split comes a longing to be reunited, to be close. Oceans reach up toward the Moon, and rain falls down to the earth and then rises again—they are always seeking to touch again, to become one again. And with the initiation of separation comes sexual reproduction, and, therefore, death. The production of the cellular combination spawning from the temporary unification of two becoming one signifies the end of one set of a microcosm into the new one.

Basically, when a person has a baby with another via sex, they are initiating their own death. Asexual reproduction is a DNA transfer. Sexual reproduction is a whole new life created from the information gleaned from the parents’ DNA.

Scorpio is water is life is death is rebirth.

On the 5th, the Sun in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces.

If you are having fantasies about death, about changing everything, and your poetry is a little dark, don’t sweat it. Explore it. Get dark. Just remained grounded with some black tourmaline and rose quartz and other healing crystals to help you find the light in the dark.

On the 6th, Uranus, still in retrograde, will re-enter Aries.

Uranus will be hanging out here for the next five months, so settle in. The Sky-Deity is fueling that Aries fire of I AM-ness, and calls for getting grounded like hell. For the last six months, Uranus has been in Taurus, and that’s been all about seeing the structures we’ve built—for better or worse. The retrograde is helping us dismantle them, pull out blue prints, and be totally able to scrap the whole damn project without being too emotional about it. Now that Uranus is in Aries, we’re gonna have the energy to see what parts of our foundation have been about us, for us, or about or for others’—including the whole over-culture. Whether its bad habits, keeping to your comfort zones, ancestral wounds and negative stories, or fucked up values you’ve held while under the oppressive patriarchal structures, Uranus retrograding in Aries is helping you decide what’s yours and what’s not. If Aries is I AM, then retrograding would be like, “Am I?” And Uranus, the god in Greek mythology who was violently split from Gaia, now represents rebellion, revolution, technology, and invention—now fights to split us from anything that does not serve us as individuals and create a new truth, so we can create a new foundation when Uranus goes back into Taurus next year.

On the 7th, we have a New Moon in Scorpio.

This New Moon is so great for connecting to all the Water energy I spoke about earlier. If you don’t have connections to your bloodline, don’t forget your first Mother—Water! Your Waterline is just as important and magical. Use a sound bowl in your bathtub. Speak the word, “Love” into your glass of water. Sing to it, too. Water has memory. Water holds energy in very real, documented ways. (Google images of ice taking shapes of words or frequencies being spoken/sounded into it! It’s so cool!!) And as kindly as you would speak to your bathwater and drinking water, speak even more kindly to your mostly water-filled body! Play good music. Speak kind words. Do not force. Let yourself be filled and flow the paths of least resistance during this energy. We are in an energetic Pause on the Wheel of the Year. Where stores are already shoving commercial capitalist Christmas down our throats, glamorizing being busy, planning vacations, family time, and guilt trips in the guises of familial and economic obligations abound—Scorpio is water and DEATH. All of nature slows down, dies, goes to sleep, hibernates.

How much more do we Witches, who are battling the energies of the world around us, need a few months to rest? The holiday season is about recuperating, celebrating the harvests, and about connecting with ourselves and our families when things are quiet, slow, when the work is less, and being outside isn’t really an option. The holidays are about gathering and loving.

Respect your need for sacred pause. Respect the water of your body, and the slumber of the coming winter.

Have a lovely week!


Arianna Page