Week of October 4th - 10th + Venus Rx in Scorpio + 40 Numerology

Week of October 4th-10th

Arianna Nadine, @notyourbasicwitch

Whaddup, Witches?

The emotional temperature has been all over the place in the past week. I feel like we handled it as well as we could. Many of my friends took social media hiatuses. I cried a lot. Wrote a lot. Hung out with friends, and started new creative ventures. I’ve observed that many people around me are also lost and don’t know how to heal themselves. I also observed so many fucking people reaching out to one another, offering support, safe spaces, encouragement—I saw real community among women. And that’s a big blow to the patriarchy that seeks to separate us by pitting us against one another. I also saw men—straight, white, cis males!—stepping up and calling out, supporting women, and supporting Dr. Ford. As the black poison is drawn up and out from our Collective body, the healing can begin. The clearing can begin.

This is definitely a Justice/High Priestess year (2+0+1+8=11 & 1+1=2; 11 being Justice and 2 being High Priestess in the Tarot). The energy of the cosmos is so supportive of going inward and restoring, renewing, removing, and rebalancing. No one said this shit was gonna be easy, but it’s up to each of us to take the breath before the plunge into the water, or be dragged in the riptide. Keep showing up and working hard, fam. The healing of the Collective depends on you showing up and participating.. So, let’s get into it.

We’ve got two big events this week: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th and the New Moon in Libra on the 8th. Venus goes retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights every eighteen months or so. Venus, also known as the morning star, is also known as Lucifer. Lucifer is the Lightbringer. The one who shined most bright in Heaven. The planet Mercury and the star Sirius are also sometimes called the morning star if they are seen right before the sunrise. The morning star and evening star are both Venus, but many cultures thought they were different entities. They saw them as two beings who were the guardians or gatekeepers of the sun and moon. Hecate was depicted as holding keys or a torch in each hand, and a Goddess of boundaries and borders. She was probably a version of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna-Ishtar—who was the personified Venus. Hecate was often depicted with dogs, and dogs were seen as animals that guarded crossroads and boundaries, such as entryways into homes. She was also often a three-faced deity, or triple goddess. Cerberus was the three-headed dog who guarded the Underworld. Hermes may have been originally derived from herems, phallic-shaped pillars of stone that were placed at the thresholds of the house. Hermes of course is Mercury. Hermes, Hecate, and Inanna-Ishtar were all psychopomps (guides of dead souls to the Underworld), Venus, morning and evening stars, guides, messengers, and guardians. Venus’ disappearance for three days and three nights is similar to the sun’s descent throughout the year. She is one of the astrotheology characters that has a descent and an ascent. So, let us keep those aspects in mind when we think about the next 40 days of her retrograding.

We also have periods of 40 days and 40 nights in the Biblical stories of Noah and the Flood, Moses on Mount Sinai, the Israelites wandering through the desert, and the Temptation of Jesus, and much more. Further, the planet Venus forms a pentagram in the sky every eight years (another important number) and returns to its original point every 40 years, with a 40 day regression. 4 is the number of completion, the number of the elements, directions, the seasons, and represented in the four fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. It represents the energy of creation. 10 is completion and perfection—so 10x4=40. In the Kabbalah, there are 4 worlds of creation, each consisting of 10 stages, so 40 stages. So the number 40 represents a transition—a alchemical evolution from one state into the next. During the 40 day period, the characters are thought to undergo a transformational through deep contraction. It is a sort of “probation” period. A temporary exile or removal from the rest of the world. This is why the trials take place in deserts or endless expanses of ocean, or involve wandering, fasting, and temptations.

We, like Venus, experience Underworlds. We, like Venus, can embody Her sacred mission these next 40 days. We must journey into the Underworld with Her as our guide and inspiration to undergo transformation. If we want change, we must descend. Like Inanna-Ishtar, we must cast aside our Ego, every layer of protection, of who we think we are or represent to the Upper World. You cannot take your money, your clothes, your titles, your glories with you down to Hell. And you must always leave something behind if you want to return to the world of the Light.

A bringer of Light is not only good vibes and “fluffy bunny” spirituality. I’m totally into that shit. But I’m not only into that shit. To be a Morning Star, to be a guardian and a psychopomp, to be one who ushers souls into and out of the Underworld means something more. To hold onto light, means to be Enlightened. Not perfect. But to know. To seek. To find out. To shine. A bringer of Truth and Knowledge. This is the energy of Lucifer/Venus. They rebel against the patriarchy, Fall, and then Rise. They do not keep that knowledge to themselves. Instead, they spread it—they share the ideas of sex and fire with humans. They anger the other Gods for sharing the knowledge that was forbidden to us before. The knowledge that makes us independent and powerful. That frees us from the old paradigms of old rulership.

Inanna-Ishtar-Isis-Diana-Selene-Arinna-Goddess are a few of the thousand faces of the Goddess. She was at one time honored and revered as much as she is shamed and feared now. The constant flood of Sun and Light Gods and the dispelling of darkness is not balance. But it will return. Do you feel it in this Justice-High Priestess year? The rising up, the shouting, the activism, the wailing, the connecting, the groaning, the podcasts, the books, the blogs, the rise of the Witch, the Wild? Goddess was once first. And we, as pieces of She, know this. We have been in the Underworld for a long, long time. But rest assured, this is not the end of our story. For She and we are a spiral. We are a pulse and a wave. A rise and a fall. A life-death-rebirth. Both light and dark. We are waxing, Witches. Like all the Goddesses who descend into the Underworld, like all the stories of overwhelm, isolation, trial, temptation, and purgatory, there is a rise. An ascension. A transformation. We all know this is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Who among us will be the Morning Stars to herald in the Dawn?

This is Venus Retrograde in any sign; how much more powerful will it be now that She is in Scorpio?! You think you are ready for the Underworld. You are not. Scorpio is the archetype of Sex and Death. Why? Because asexual reproduction essentially meant that there was no death. There was the same being/energy being replicated again and again. It was a copy of a copy of a copy. Nothing died. With the pleasure of sexual reproduction, we began to die. There is variety. There is change. But there are now endings. This is the other side of sex. When Venus is exploring Her sex and Her sexuality, She is really exploring Her own ability to transform—to die—to release Her orgasm and Her soul. The French called orgasms la petite morte—the little death. In Medieval times people thought that the expelling forcefully of breath (running, coughing, sneezing, having an orgasm) was literally losing a piece of your soul, so they said “bless you” to make sure it went to heaven and not to hell. (Incidentally, young girls married off to all these old men during this time were encouraged to give their husbands many orgasms so he’d die faster and they could be rid of him and inherit all his stuff.) Venus is really good at receiving. She knows Her worth. She wants to be valued. She receives money, stability, and pleasure with ease.

You have the opportunity this retrograde to go deep into your own Underworld and find out why you have blocks to receiving. You have the opportunity to stand naked—stripped of Ego— before the Queen of Hell—your Shadow Self—and then die.

This is always your choice. You have free will. But the astrology does not exist in a vacuum and neither do you. Your story is my story is everyone’s story. The ubiquitous message of Underworld journeys is only this one: never look back. Make it past the threshold of one liminal space into the next. The butterfly can never go back to being a chrysalis, although it can stay a chrysalis for as long as it pleases. But rest assured, you will rise. You will transform. If not in this life, then the next. I hope it is this one. I hope we can embody Venus and show the way for all those that will come after us.

Well that was a lot. I hope you’re still hanging on. I could have really gone deeper with that, but I was starting to feel like that meme of Charlie in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, DM me.)

Also, with the New Moon in Libra in Libra season, we have an opportunity to harness more of that Venus/Lucifer energy, as Venus is the ruler of Libra. I really wanted to stick to Venus Retrograde for this one, so I might write an extra blog/newsletter for the New Moon in Libra—although I know there will be plenty to guide you all without my perspective. We at ATL Craft will be gathering for the New Moon that night for ritual, and safe-space holding. Healing support is available to you whether you prefer one-on-one or group gathering.

So, until then, I wish you well, and I’ll write at you next week.

Arianna Page