Week of October 18th-24th + Debts to Yourself, Your Society, Your Future

Hi Witches!

I hope you’ve been enjoying this Atlanta weather. It been a much-needed external relief from all the political and astrological energetic heat that’s been feeling rather personal lately.

For a quick run down, we’ve got speedy Mercury in Scorpio making a lot of important aspects to planets, the beginning of Scorpio season on the 23rd, and the Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th.

If your conversations aren’t already centered around smashing the patriarchy, reframing old paradigms, Shadow work, dream work, voting, and feminism, prepare for that to be on the front burner for a while. Scorpio follows impartial and analytical Libra. Scorpio isn’t super into playing fair. Scorpio is a water sign, and is pretty fucking emotional. When things aren’t fair to them, they want to take back their power and agency. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto—fiery, action oriented, and really into power and control. Whereas Libra can see every single minute side and detail of a situation, Scorpio doesn’t give a flying fuck. They are not impartial. They are vicious and ready to fight for what they believe is right without getting caught up in the empathetic tangles of seeing the other person’s perspective. They’ll take a long time to get to that point of fucking shit up, but once they do, they are swift as an eagle or the tail of a scorpion, and they will destroy toxicity with a deep feeling of peace that the right thing—not the “fair” thing—was done.

Tomorrow, the 19th, Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces (remember, trines are ‘favorable’ or chill aspects), and a square to Mars who’s revolutionizing in Aquarius.

(Squares are ‘harder’ or a little bit more uncomfortable aspects). Mercury connecting to Pisces encourages talks with close friends and family members and people in your neighborhood centering around your dreams and fantasies, the revolution that responsible plant medicine use can have on our Collective consciousness, swapping stories of our own Underworld/Shadow stories, and creating new spirituality that celebrates our light and shadow side. How deep you can go will leave you feeling connected and totally in-tune with your tribe in a way that you didn’t think possible. When you all come back up for air, with new perspectives, be ready to offer them up with the supportive energy of Mercury square Aquarius.

Squares are considered “harder” aspects, but squares are about contractions that lead to stability and growth. They help with forming boundaries, and can be a sort of energetic fidget before feeling settled. That slight tension of Mercury in Scorp with Mars in Aquarius is the desire to go massively deep to begin to actually create the change you want to see in the world. It’s not enough to just explore and talk—it’s now time to come up with activities that will support our Shadow work. Actions speak louder than words, and Mars in Aquarius is challenging us to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

For example, we all know this patriarchal system is totally fucked up. We know about privilege and we even understand that the system has granted us those privileges. We may have gone even further with acknowledging that we will have to give up privileges in order to grant others freedom and usher in a new fair system. In medicine, you must find the symptoms of the disease, and begin to ease those symptoms before tackling the big issue. Mercury squaring Mars gives us the energetic song to tune into that will put us in the mood to start to dismantle the system of patriarchy within ourselves.

The system cannot be broken until we refuse the advantages it gives us as a society or as individuals.

I’m not offering solutions—yet, but I’m looking forward to exploring them, for sure. This is more than gender, race, and class privilege, too. I’m talking the dismantling of capitalism and the oligarchy that is funded by it.

On the 22nd, Pluto in Capricorn is sextile Mercury bringing up issues around control, power, other people’s money, the industry, capitalism, and the powers that control it all. It asks you to start really questioning what you are actually willing to give up to change your world.

Are you willing to look at the many ways America has allowed you to live a life that is dependent on a system of rules and roles that benefit some and disadvantage others? Are you willing to start standing up for those who are being oppressed, even if that means giving up things you really like, or are used to? Most of us can’t even buy a book at full price at our local store, knowing that Amazon will have it cheaper, and ship it free. Why support people and your community when you can suckle at the teat of monopolized industrialized capitalism because it gives the illusion of cheaper-faster-better?

Can you see the big picture? Can you resist the temptation of plugging back into the Matrix, and just following the rules because it doesn’t even seem like things will change in your lifetime?

You don’t have to do anything, okay? But I want you to think about this shit. Get really honest with yourself and your group about what you like about our system and what you don’t like. And what you’d be willing to give up to start the shift into a more egalitarian America?

On the 24th, there is the Full Moon in Taurus, immediately following the Sun going into Scorpio and forming an opposition (think of battle lines being drawn) to Uranus in Taurus.

If Uranus in Taurus is about rebelling and rejigging our values, self-worth, and sense of material pleasures—and that’s opposing Sun in Scorpio—we can feel the energy of our Egos wanting to get really deep, dark, and dirty and face the worst of our collective selves, but being thwarted by how fucking uncomfortable it has been to go vegan, cancel our Amazon Prime account, stop using plastic straws, or buying new instead of used. We may even be confronted with our credit card debts and loans and realizing that the feds don’t care that we give a lot to our community, are kind people, or do a lot of free work. They want their fucking money, and we probably spent way too much on a bunch of little shit like coffee in the mornings, when we could have made it at home. Or waited until pay day. Bought too many drinks on a weekend with our friends, when we could have drank way cheaper at home.

You can’t wholly blame capitalism for your bad relationship to money—especially money that was never yours to start with. You’re not always the victim. Sometimes you just make bad decisions, and you have to deal with it.

(Saturn in Capricorn is nodding in approval).

The Full Moon in Taurus is a super supportive energy for all that, though. It encourages us to let go of all that shit. Let go of the fear, let go of the bad habits, recenter ourselves. Understand that pleasure does not equal shit spending habits. That energy exchanges must come from the expansive universe—and energy is not destroyed, but is also not created.

You’ll have to repay any energy you’ve been withdrawing from the metaphorical or literal bank.

Make a budget with your time, with your eating habits, spending habits, exercise routine, friend-time, family-time, meditation time. You can only take away so much from other people and yourself before you’ve got to balance the scales, til the energy is off kilter. To have a true sense of value, you must respect all aspects of energy exchanges, not just what is taken from you; but what you spend and take from others.

Scorpio really wants you to face yourself, mourn, die, and rebirth. Transform. Refresh. Shed. Do you think it is a coincidence that Scorpio’s Sister sign/opposite sign is Taurus? Scorpio, who is ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld, and Taurus, ruled by the Goddess of Love, Sex, and Beauty Aphrodite? Aphrodite the alchemical Goddess who is both unmarried, independent, yet takes many lovers and will go to war for what she desires? When the energy of the Sun of Scorpio lights up the Moon in Taurus, remember that our Ego feeds our Heart.

That the energy of Death is being lit up by the energy of Love—we are both and we are neither.

What will you do this week to shine a light on your Darkness with unconditional Love and acceptance? You don’t have to hate yourself for your privileges—but if you want to change, if you say you want equality, you will have to acknowledge those privileges and then begin to release them in order to bring into fruition the future you say you desire for all.

Journal. Meditate. Think. Talk. And then plan.

Talk to you next week,


Arianna Page