Week of October 11th-17th + Why You Don't Speak + 2 Spells for Gossip

Hiya Witches.

I hope your New Moon in Libra was lovely. This week, we don’t have too many major moves, but you’d be surprised how even the subtle energies are reflected in your life. For example, the Sun in Libra squared Pluto in Capricorn today, and that brought up a surge of deep cleaning and beautifying my apartment today. Libra loves beauty and harmony, and Capricorn is practical and is like your super reliable friend that will always help you when your car breaks down or you have to move a heavy couch up a few flights of stairs. With Capricorn in Pluto, the energy is about change, destruction, and making decisions. The Judgement card is ruled by Pluto, and in Judgement, there is little room for getting all up in your feelings. This energy manifested for me with cleaning out under the bed, moving every bit of furniture, cleaning and dusting every gross dark space in the house, moving my altar to my more private bedroom and creating a cozy meditation space. I threw away a lot of things, too. Creating space is about getting in the corners, under the bed and dressers, sneezing a lot, throwing out things, knowing that it’s gonna be worth it in the end. Pluto is powerful, and will amp up any astro energy. I also like that Pluto and Capricorn would push you to work with what you have, instead of succumbing to Sun in Libra energy to buy new things. It’s a very practical energy—hard aspects (like squares and oppositions) don’t have to be scary or “bad.” Sometimes they can hone in on an energy that otherwise might go to waste or be used in a destructive way.

On the 12th, Mercury in Scorpio sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. I encourage you to work on noticing how you speak to others and yourself. If you are speaking from a place of fear or lack, where is that coming from? What fears are behind your choice of words? Do you communicate and connect with shallow small talk? Or do you go too deep too fast? Saturn in Capricorn encourages boundaries as a form of stability in your work and home life—your public image, too. This includes your friend group, the music you listen to, what you spend your money on, and jokes you laugh at. If you become uncomfortable talking about your privilege, standing up to bullies, calling someone out for being mean/racist/homophobic/sexist/problematic, or asking for a raise or feel like the only way you can make friends at work is by joining in on company gossip, this aspect is giving you space to really look at that shit and change it. Were you not allowed to speak up as a kid? Were you raised in an oppressive household where your opinions or feelings were not only not acknowledge, but not even allowed? Are you so afraid of being alone, that you’ll accept any behavior that you find morally reprehensible because you know they didn’t mean it that way, or it’s not you saying/doing the problematic thing. Do you feel unworthy of receiving? Does more money mean you have to pay more bills or take on more responsibility, so it’s just easier to accept being just broke enough not to pay more? Witch, you gotta understand that when you’re afraid, you’re reacting from a place of lack. From Shadow. What are you so afraid of? Figure it out. Sit with it. Venus retrograde in Scorpio will support this work, too, since Venus is all about receiving, and Mercury will form a conjunction with Venus on the 15th. The Universe supports us so deeply!

If you’re struggling with being the victim of workplace gossip or badmouthing, a quick and easy spell is a good ole freezer spell. I’ve always had amazing results with this one, along with mirror spells. Simply write down the person’s name who you want to shut up, and write underneath something like, “This person no longer speaks ill of me. And so it is/so mote it be.” Enclose this in a square. Fold it up, stick it deep in your freezer, and enjoy the peace.

A mirror spell is similar. Take a charmed* compact mirror—preferably one with a mirror on both sides. Whenever someone has been shitty, write on a small scrap of paper their name, and underneath, something along the lines of, “May you reflect on what you did to me today, and not be able to stop until you apologize or understand.” I usually get an apology within hours.

Have a good week, be kind, and reflect on your fears this week.

Write at you next week!

Oh! I’ll be teaching a class on using the Court Cards of the Tarot as a healing modality, specifically how they align with the chakras, and how you can use that for clients and yourself. It’ll be November 29th, I believe, so keep an eye out on the ATL Craft Instagram and website for that and all our other Witchy events.


Arianna Page