Jupiter In Libra (Sep 2016)

So I’ve been having nice past couple of weeks since Jupiter slid into Libra. I was thinking about all the nice, aesthetically pleasing and perfect things that have popped into my life, whether through antique store finds or just curbside freebies. I’ve also been forced to work really hard in my relationship in order to improve it—that includes something that felt impossible with Jupiter in Virgo: speaking up for myself when something bothers me, no matter how minute and how much I fear being “a nag.” This period has been a time for really working on the partnership aspect of our relationship, whereas before, it was a lot about the daily things, organizing our lives together with all the changes of jobs, family stuff, and health. When it was in glorious Leo (my Sun sign), it was all about playing and getting creative in the bedroom, self-awareness, along with all the drama of new relationships enhanced ten-fold.


And as I came into that thought, I started thinking, “Man, Jupiter in Libra has been really cool so far. I wasn’t expecting that. I know it supposed to be a good time for Libras—” And then I remembered that Jupiter is also the planet of karma. I started remembering when Jupiter was in Leo, and all the drama I experienced in my life at that time. Losing my job, my best friend moving, my boyfriend dumping me, my panic attacks and agoraphobia being at an all-time high, losing my home and having to move back in with my parents, (which created so much family drama that I had moved away from years ago to avoid), and then starting a new relationship, which led to having everyone thinking I had been cheating on my ex; getting dumped by my new boyfriend three weeks into our relationship, and then having to work my ass off to keep get him back and keep him. (Because the most important part of Jupiter entering your sign is that it is the time when you’re most likely to meet or start a relationship with what most people call your soul mate. And I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, from our very first date, that my new boyfriend was "The One" for me. I knew it to my very core, and it was something I had never experienced before. It was a true learning experience in communication and patience for me, as well as a time for learning empathy and the art of expressing emotions for him.)

When Jupiter first went into Leo, I thought my world was falling apart, but, in reality, it was coming together in all the most wonderful ways. 


The Universe didn’t like where I was. I wasn’t me anymore. I was on the wrong pills with the wrong guy in the wrong town at the wrong job. It wasn’t long before I had a new job, my best friend came back to Georgia, I quit the Adderall and switched to anti-anxiety medications, I was about to move to Atlanta to be closer to my boyfriend, and our relationship was exploding in all the right ways. And I started being able to be introspective again. I could think about my belief system and I would start a sort of second awakening. And without all of that, would not even be a thing. I would have done some occasional Tarot readings when I felt a need, and probably not gotten in touch with my inner Witch I had abandoned in my 20s, and remained stagnant, miserable, and internally dead. I also realized that when my boyfriend and I first met, although we were unavailable to date one another, Jupiter was in his sign, Aquarius (2009-2010). But it wasn’t until Jupiter went into my sign in 2014 that the not-so-proverbial stars aligned and, voilà! We were both finally single and ready to mingle!


So, Libras, fear not if your good luck or soul mate haven’t shown up yet. You might have to wait for Jupiter to show up in their sign. You might be going through a slew of trials and losses right now. But remember—Jupiter is here to give you what you need, not what you want, and not a moment too early, either. Trust that, by the end of the year of Jupiter in your sign, you’ll understand why things had to happen the way they did, and you’ll begin moving on to bigger and better things.


For the rest of us, we’ll just keep enjoying strengthening relationships and partnerships of all kinds, and always being able to, somehow, find that perfect item (that also fits perfectly!) for our house or closet. Cheers to that!

Arianna Page